Simple Samhain Ritual

Merry meet everyone! The autumn is passing so quickly, I can't believe Samhain is almost here! To celebrate the season, I am sharing a Simple Samhain Ritual I do each year to honor and remember friends and family that have passed over. Let me know what you all think and merry Samhain!

Simple Samhain Ritual to Honor Passed Loved Ones

What You Need:
Dried Dandelion Leaf in a shallow dish
Cinnamon Oil
Black Pillar Candle
Photos and mementos of passed loved ones and ancestors, and a tea light or votive candle for each
Herbs, plants and fruits of the season (apples, nuts. small gourds, etc.)

Decorate your altar with photos and mementos of your ancestors, family members, friends and relatives that have passed.

Cast a circle and close your eyes, concentrating on the energy around you. Samhain has an otherworldly feel to it; the very air itself seems to vibrate with spiritual energy.

Focusing on this magickal night, anoint the black pillar candle with Cinnamon oil and roll it in the shallow plate of Dandelion leaf. Place the pillar in the center of the altar, light it, and say:

On this Samhain eve, when the veil between worlds is thinnest, I welcome all my loved ones who have passed into this circle round.  This is a night for honoring ancestors and remembering dear friends and family members who have passed through the veil before me. Welcome!

One by one, light a candle in front of each photo or memento of your passed loved ones to welcome them into the circle. As you light each candle, spend some time remembering and honoring them. Speak to them if you wish, or just sit quietly as their presence envelopes you.

When you have finished, say:

Honored ancestors and loved ones, thank you for joining me in this circle tonight. Though you are no longer with me in the physical plane, you live on in my heart and memories, and I know we will be reunited, either in Summerland or in our next lives. Farewell and blessed be!

Now, one by one, blow out each candle, saying Farewell and blessed be, to each one as you do, then blow out the black pillar and close the circle. If possible, leave the photos and mementos out on your altar or a shelf and place an offering in front of them, such as apples, nuts, small gourds, or some other type of seasonal fruit or herb. In the morning, take the offering outside and leave it for the wildlife.

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