Focused Study

Hey everyone! Here is a sample spell from my new Simple Witchcraft book, Simple Candle Magick. Enjoy!

Focused Study Spell

This is a fantastic spell if you have a project to work on or a test to study for and you’re having a difficult time focusing. I used this spell throughout school whenever I needed extra help finishing a paper or cramming for an exam. It gives you a much needed boost of motivation and focused energy.

What You Need:

Candle: Yellow or Orange

*Note: Use a larger taper or a pillar if you need this for a few days or longer

Oil: Cinnamon, Grape, Rosemary, Sage, Sandalwood, or Spearmint (Optional)

RunesKenaz and Ansuz for knowledge and wisdom (Optional)


This spell is to be done directly before you study, work on a project, or write a paper. Set up all of the materials you need for whatever it is you are working on, then place your candle on the table in front of you (make sure to keep all papers and other flammable materials a safe distance away.)

If the project is going to take you more than one day to complete, I recommend using a larger taper or pillar candle that can be reused for as long as you need.

Spend a few moments centering yourself, calming your mind and getting focused on the ritual at hand.

If you choose to, inscribe the candle, then anoint it with one of the listed oils, all the while visualizing yourself acing that test, completing that project, finishing that paper—whatever task it is that you need help with.

When you’re ready, light the wick and focus on the flame. Take note of how steady and bright it is. Open your consciousness, allowing the energy of the fire to awaken your mind, chasing away the sluggishness and invigorating it with strength and clarity.


Flame of knowledge, beacon of light,
Strengthen my memory, focus my sight,
Reaching my goal requires power of will,
Center my mind, let it be quiet and still.
Enhance my memory, allow my intelligence to shine,
Success and academic achievement are mine.

Move the candle to a safe place within your work area, where you can still see it but it won’t be in your way, then begin studying or working on whatever project you want to complete.

If at any point your mind wanders or you feel yourself losing focus, stare into the flame again and repeat the chant.

When you’ve completed what you needed for that day or study session, snuff out the candle and store it safely away until you need it again.

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